Sunday, July 16, 2006

Percy Pape - The Human Skeleton

Born in the early 1920s, Percy Pape grew up -- but not out -- in Lima, Ohio. The Human Skeleton reportedly fluctuated between 68 pounds and a slightly heftier 71 pounds. Pape came from a wealthy family and could have hidden his thin frame at home and avoided the work force. But he enjoyed show business and took advantage of his ability to be a part of it. Unfortunately, he could only exhibit himself when he was healthy enough to do so. Or when the wind wasn’t too strong. According to an acquaintance: “The wind would actually blow him away.” When the paper thin Pape was in a condition to brave the elements, he worked with the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey show in the 1950s and at Hubert’s Museum in New York City. Pape wore tights to demonstrate just how thin he was. Nothing is known of his love life, except that he was at one time “married” to the Ossified Woman, Dolly Regan, to garner publicity. Regan had several real husbands, but Pape was not one of them.


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