Saturday, July 15, 2006

Martha Morris - The Armless Wonder

Born in Chicago in the early 1900s, Martha Morris was deprived not only of her arms, but a portion of her legs as well. Her feet appeared just below the hips, leaving her unable to walk or dress herself. Morris got around with the aid of a wheelchair and someone to push it.
Known professionally as Martha the Armless Wonder, Morris was a featured attraction at Coney Island and the traveling Freak City Show in the 1920s. While on exhibit she would demonstrate remarkable dexterity with her feet by writing and typing with her toes as if they were full-fledged fingers. Morris also appeared in 1932’s Freaks, alongside another famous armless wonder, Frances O’Connor. This must have been very special to Morris, as going to the movies was one of her favorite things to do. According to her father, she wanted to go to the theater every night she wasn’t working.


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