Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lottie Swartwood

Charlotte “Lottie” Naomi Swartwood is best known as Admiral Dot’s wife. Born in 1869, she met the Admiral when she was a teenage performer with the Lilliputian Opera Company. They were married in 1892. The tiny couple toured America and Europe before settling down in White Plains, NY and operating the Admiral Dot Hotel until 1907. In 1918, Admiral Dot passed away. Swartwood, who had cracked the four-foot barrier by reaching a height of 50 inches, remarried years later, in 1943, to a six-foot-tall man named Edward Lappe. The marriage was short-lived, as Lappe died two years later. Swartwood survived as a widow for another five years, until her passing on Dec. 12, 1950.


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