Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hazel and Jackie Morris - The World’s Smallest Mother and Daughter

Hazel and Jackie Morris were billed as the World’s Smallest Mother and Daughter. It’s unlikely any other mother-daughter duo could have challenged them for the title. Deformed, underdeveloped limbs prevented them from walking and relegated them both to wheelchairs. Hazel sat a mere 18 inches tall. Her daughter was even smaller, sitting only 15 inches high. Hazel’s husband was a relative giant, standing 5 feet. He and Hazel had been divorced since the late 1930s and he did not tour with his family.
The Morris’ toured together in their own single-o show with various sideshows, including the World of Today Show and the Cristiani Brothers Circus in the 1940s and ‘50s. This tiny team lasted until 1959, when Hazel fell ill while performing with Cristiani Brothers. Two weeks later she passed away. Hazel was penniless at the time, but was given a respectable burial thanks to a financial donation by the Showman’s Association. Jackie later rejoined the circus.


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